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TV Production & 2020 Update

Hey all,

Now that I'm back into freelancing. I got a few opportunities to branch out of events and into TV. So far, it's refreshing and fun! In Sept I started work on projects for HGTV, History Channel, AMEX, and a few more. I can't post photos of these sets due to contract restrictions, but I can post vague photos of camera setups and me holding down some stand when it got really windy out.

I still am and will continue to do events as well.

You know since I am that "art fair guy..."

I'm excited to see what this new year brings now that I am free to follow my passion, which my previous place of employment didn't let me do.

Also, check out my band The Currents (the name possibly changing soon) as well! We are starting to play more shows around NYC! Here are some links for that:

Support our EP "A New Feeling" on bandcamp or stream on these platforms.

Thanks for reading,


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