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Blue Owl Arts partnered with the Patchogue Arts Council to produce a video podcast series titled Long Island Music Spotlight. These podcasts are produced by musicians for musicians. The podcasts are a part of the PACast Series.

Long Island Music Spotlight highlights musicians and bands from Long Island, NY. The videos produced give artists another outlet to share their music, which leads to more exposure. These podcasts help local musicians promote upcoming shows, album releases, and much more. 

This program is currently on hiatus.


Click below to see the latest episodes.

Purchase the EPs here

Interested in being on the program?

[Feb 2019 submission post here]

Send us a email with this info:

- links to your music

- info about you/your band

- Social Media and/or website links

- Availability


There is NO application fee. The program is FREE for all original musicians.

Send that email to:

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